Glossary of terms used on this site

  Glossary of terms used on this site
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Odd Lot

Anything less than the standard unit of trading.

Offer Document

As per SEBI DIP guidelines, offer document means Prospectus in case of a public issue or offer for sale and Letter of Offer in case of a rights issue.

Offer For Sale

An offer of securities by existing shareholder(s) of a company to the public for subscription, through an offer document.

Offer period

The period between the date of entering into Memorandum of Understanding or the public announcement, as the case may be and the date of completion of offer formalities relating to the offer.

Offer Price

Price at which units in trust can be bought. It often includes an entry fee. It also refers to the price at which securities are offered to the public.

Open interest

The number of contracts outstanding for a given option or futures contract.

Open Order

An order to buy and sell a security that remains in effect until it is either cancelled by the customer or executed.

Order book

It is an ‘electronic book’ that shows the demand for the shares of the company at various prices.

OTC (Over the Counter)

A financial transaction that is not made on an organized exchange. Generally the parties must negotiate all the details of each transaction or agree to use simplifying market conventions.

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