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The PGPFERM programme comprises of two modules: Basic and Advanced. The Basic module aims at preparing the participant to acquire the necessary knowledge in Mathematics and Statistics to understand and appreciate financial engineering models/products. The Advanced

module covers application and practical phases of the Certificate in Financial Engineering and Risk Management programme.

Basic Module

Format A : Classroom sessions spread over weekends from July 23 to October 15, 2016.

Format B : Classroom sessions from July 23 to July 31, 2016.

Mathematics for Quantitative Financial Risk Management......................... 30 hrs

Statistics for Quantitative Financial Risk Management.............................. 30 hrs

Financial Economics........................................................................... 20 hrs

Only those who succeed in the Basic Module written exam would qualify for the Advanced  Module of PGPFERM.

Tentative date of written exam is October 22-23, 2016.

Advanced Module

Format A : Classroom sessions spread over weekends during October 2016 to April 2017.

Format B : Classroom sessions during October 15 - October 23, 2016; January 21 - January 29, 2017, and April 22 - April 30, 2017. (both days inclusive)

Fixed Income Securities                                                                          30 hrs

Financial Derivatives                                                                                30 hrs

Risk Management - I (Basics)                                                                   30 hrs

Risk Management - II (Advanced)                                                             30 hrs

Applied Financial Econometrics                                                                 30 hrs

Computational Finance                                                                            30 hrs

Financial Engineering - Applications                                                           30 hrs

Project Dissertation, Seminar/Workshop on contemporary FE issues        30 hrs

NISM reserves the right to add, modify, merge or delete any of the above mentioned programme calendar/ courses/topics for overall benefit of the programme and to keep it contemporary. Evaluation for all subjects include class tests, surprise quizzes, practical exercises,

assignments, mid-term exam and final exam.

The actual implementation of any of the two formats depends on the minimum number of participants enrolled for it. In case there are not enough participants for a particular format,

it will be merged with the format that has the required number for participants.


Evaluation and Award of Certificate


PGPFERM students will be evaluated on the following:

• Pre-class preparation

• Class participation

• Quizzes

• Assignments/practical exercises

• Mid-term and end-term examinations and/or any other procedure the Institute may prescribe from time to time.

Award of Certificate

Certificate will be awarded only to those students who successfully clear the Basic and Advanced Module examinations and meet the criteria laid down by the board of examiners.

In order to be admitted to the Advanced Module, students are required to clear the Basic Module exam with a minimum of 40%. Candidates who are unable to clear the Basic Module exam are permitted to reappear once, in the next academic session. No extra fee will be charged for this

exam. Candidates who do not clear the Basic Module exam in the second attempt will not be admitted to the Advanced Module. Such candidates shall receive a participation letter for the Basic Module if they meet the specified attendance criteria.

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