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The objective of the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Securities Markets) is ‘to create the complete securities market professional’. The two-year full-time post graduation diploma programme lays emphasis on the following pillars:

  1. Economics and Financial Economics
  2. Accounting and Reporting
  3. 3.Quantitative Methods and Computing
  4. Law and Compliance

Each of the above-mentioned fields is fully represented in the programme, with a balance between relevance and rigor. Each course is benchmarked with the best-in-class textbook to arrive at the chosen content.

Key takeways

The PGDM (SM) programme is a unique blend of specialized securities markets inputs and managerial insights. The key takeaways from the programme are:

  • Structured and comprehensive insights into the equity, debt, currency and commodity markets, and their underlying derivative markets, in a well-designed and rigorously delivered environment
  • Insights from Finance, Accounting, Economics, Computing, Quantitative Methods and Law
  • An enviable repertoire of knowledge, skills and applications in various segments of the securities markets leading to various career pathways
  • Development of analytical skills, critical thinking, problem solving and reporting, as is required of a contemporary professional
  • Learning to learn, which is the hallmark of a global professional. This in turn, could help the participant in adding other nationally and internationally relevant professional certifications to his/her Résumé, during the course of PGDM (SM) or in the future, to remain current and contemporary

Programme Architecture

Semester I – Concepts

101 Economics for Securities Markets

102 Mathematics for Securities Markets

103 Statistics for Securities Markets*

104 Financial Accounting & Reporting*

105 Financial Institutions & Markets

106 Financial Services

Semester II – Applications

201 Corporate Finance*

202 Securities Analysis & Equity Valuation*

203 Research Methods and Data Analytics*

204 Corporate and Allied Laws**

205 Taxation**

206 Management Concepts – I (OM & Marketing)

207 Business Communication – II (Written)

208 Summer Internship

Semester III – Advanced Applications

301 Fixed Income Securities*

302 Portfolio Management & Behavioral Finance*

303 Derivatives & Risk Management

304 Securities Market Regulations**

305 M&A and Corporate Restructuring*

306 Management Concepts – II (Operations & Costs)

307 Appreciation of Liberal Arts

Semester IV – Industry Integration

401 Global Financial Markets*

402 Financial Modeling & Computation*

403 Corporate Governance

404 Professional Certifications (Self-study)

405 Project Dissertation (off-classroom)

 *Incorporating databases and analytics

*Databases include Bloomberg, CMIE Prowess, Morningstar, Prime Database, etc
** Manupatra, LexisNexis or other legal search & retrieve software

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