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pgpsm final

The Pocket Money program is developed by NISM to impart basic financial knowledge to school students of class VIII and upwards. The program comprises of an eight-session course covering various aspects of Money Management, Budgeting, Investments, Banking, etc.

The program has been started with the objective of cultivating good money management habits among the children, so that when they become an adult they practice sound personal finance management.

For more information about this program please go through the Pocket Money Brochure.

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Pocket Money Program - Financial Literacy Initiative for school children

NISM has organized a session on Financial Literacy held on July 13, 2016, for the benefit of students of Class XI and XII of Shree Mahavir Jain Charitra Kalyan Ratnashram, Songadh, Bhavnagar

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Participants of the Pocket money Program held at Songadh

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