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pgpsm final

Fee Structure

01 Tuition Fee 1,90,000

02 Examination Fee 10,000

03 Library Fee 10,000

Refundable Deposits

In addition, the admitted students are required to pay refundable deposits, subject to terms and conditions as detailed below:

01 Library Deposit 10,000

02 Hostel Room Deposit* 10,000

Non-Refundable Deposits

The students are also required to pay the following

charges which are not-refundable

01 Alumni Association Fund (Annual) 2,000

02 Hostel Rent (monthly) 3,000

03 Boarding Charges*To be paid on monthly basis

04 Lunch & Tea charges per month **To be paid on monthly basis

Educational Loan

The Institute facilitates students in securing educational loans. At present, the Institute has arrangements to direct applicants to Credila and HDFC Bank. Arrangements with more institutions are underway. It is to be understood that NISM does not recommend or guarantee the loans. In the event of any delay in securing loans, students have to arrange for their own funds to pay all the fees, deposits and charges as per the payment schedule provided at the time of joining the programme. However, on a later date, if the loan is secured, the amounts paid by the student will be refunded without any interest on receipt of the amounts from the entity that has offered the loan to the student

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