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pgpsm final

Degree Awards

The degree will be awarded jointly with NISM and Department of Economics, University of Mumbai.


Sponsored candidates are those whose application forms are forwarded to NISM through their respective employers, being eligible organizations, as described in the next paragraph. The employer should furnish an undertaking to grant study leave to the said candidates and also undertake to bear all the fees. Eligible organizations would include:

1. Government Departments/ Public Sector Undertakings

2. Public companies or Trusts registered with SEBI

3. Banks/NBFCs recognized by RBI

4. Insurance Companies/ Intermediaries recognized by IRDAI.

A maximum of five seats are reserved for sponsored candidates. However, the sponsored candidates have to participate in the admission processes as applicable to other candidates. If the number of sponsored candidates is inadequate then the seats reserved for the sponsored candidates may be offered to other candidates. Sponsored candidates are not allowed to participate in campus placement process.

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