Successful completion of NISM Certification Examinations and Advanced Derivatives Market Strategies will lead to Certificate in Derivative Market Strategies.


NISM Derivative Markets Certification Examination(s) will validate your basic knowledge in exchange-traded options and futures. Therefore, successful completion of one of the following NISM Certification Examinations is a pre-requisite for enrolling for the Advanced Derivatives Market Strategies Course.

  • NISM Series-I: Currency Derivatives Certification Examination; or
  • NISM Series-VIII: Equity Derivatives Certification Examination; or
  • NISM Series-XIII: Common Derivatives Certificate Examination



The Advanced Derivatives Market Strategies Course will extend your knowledge of derivatives products and introduce OTC derivatives and their various product characteristics and applications. Specifically, this course will cover the following:

  • Deep knowledge of the derivatives environment
  • Foreign Exchange, Interest Rate, Commodity and Equity Swaps including the role of the swap dealer
  • OTC derivatives reform
  • OTC options like caps, collars, floors and exotics
  • OTC forward contracts
  • How Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds use derivatives
  • How structured products including ETFs utilize derivatives in their creation

The fundamentals of equity, currency, interest rate and commodity (agricultural, energy and metals) markets

  • How to measure and mitigate risks in financial and commodity markets and industries utilizing derivatives
  • Fundamental and technical analysis of futures markets
  • Advanced futures strategies and pricing
  • Advanced option pricing, volatility and sensitivity
  • Advanced option strategies including bull, bear, volatility and income strategies
  • Option strategies and technical analysis
  • The inherent risks in using derivatives and the need for understanding, objectives, and controls
  • A strong understanding of risk principles as they relate to derivatives


C) LEARNING OUTCOMES--Certificate in Derivatives Market Strategies (CDMS)

After completing one of the aforementioned NISM certification examinations and the Advanced Derivatives Market Strategies examination, candidate will have earned the prestigious CDMS which is jointly offered in India by NISM and Moody’s and will receive the wall certificate.



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